It's A Long Way To The Bottom (If You Wanna Hack And Slash)

The Search for Snowflake


1124, E.R. (Elven Reckoning), 12th day of Spring

After recovering from the nearly fatal encounter with the frost worm, we spent a few days meandering about Trollington. I met up with my old druidic ‘friend’ Granola Ted, whose real name is ……….(name)……… to get that potion I had asked him to make for me. He had a few things for Elle, too.

Degan came back from speaking with Bobo, that Gnome engineer reeking of burnt resin and pungent weeds. The three of us met up with Talmanes and Tre, who had some information for us regarding some more work… and some more magic.

It seems they had become quite well received by the potion and oddities shop owner, ……(name)…… and she needed our assistance. More accurately, her halfling friend, Oma needed our assistance finding her lost familiar, a cat named Snowflake. This seemed a menial task at first until we were informed that the cat was last with her master in the Plane of …(fire? the abyss?)… Oma had to flee after being overwhelmed by creatures. We were to enter the plane, locate Snowflake and return with either Snowflake or a report on her fate. We were given a bell that would ring here on the material plane to signal our return, which could only happen at our point of entry.

We got our things together, the little wizard opened a portal and we stepped in.

… Yes, upon reading this it seems we weren’t too cautious in our early adventuring days…

We found ourselves in a room with no doors. There was only a dais with a strange symbol on it that we stood on and two hued orbs the size of large doors on opposite walls. The green one was ahead of us and the blue behind us. We were unable to manipulate the blue in any way, but when we touched the green one we were blinded with a bright green light and found ourselves in another room, the same orbs present on opposing walls again.

This continued with rooms of various sizes and shapes. Eventually we found our way to a room with an orb wrapped in chains. The orb acted as a magnet to our flesh, pulling as against it …….(we eventually made the chains drop, though through what method I cannot remember)……. The orb was broken open on the ground, revealing a small, smokey orb amulet. I immediately took the prize, taking advantage of my comrades’ hesitation.
-oh, and did I mention the horrifying creatures we encountered? Eyes which stemmed from the ground and stared in such a way as to horrify and sicken me to a point of paralysis; Black masses of near humanoid shape, breaking themselves against us in suicidal assaults to inflict pain on us, multiplying with every manifestation.

The most terrible beast we encountered was in a large, misty room. It looked to be a quadruped with a long tail and some form of plant-like maw growing from its back. It was disheartening to see the bleeding snowflake on its forehead, we were about to slaughter that which we came to rescue. After the battle, we took the corpse in a bag and made our way back to our entry point. This task proved just as difficult.

On our way back, in a rage of desperation and hopelessness I launched myself into the fray of a group of black masses. I collapsed to the ground, unconscious again.


Upon our return to Trollington, I learned from my companions that the orb on the amulet gave a strange glow when I had fallen. The blow which struck me seemed enough to outright kill an elf of greater strength than I. I will have to learn more about this trinket I have salvaged.



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