It's A Long Way To The Bottom (If You Wanna Hack And Slash)

Meet the Party

Scale of 1-10, who is more likely to kill me?

The journal of Haldir Handion, elven treasure hunter and specialist of arcane writings.

1124, E.R. (Elven Reckoning), 7th day of Spring

I have found myself in the company of quite a sundry party. The first to catch my eyes was the Ifrit, called Tre; his hair seemed to be aflame, but most should know better as it gives no heat. I was startled at the sight of a Damphir, but Tal (I had heard the creature introduce himself to a crew member of the ship earlier) seems honorable enough to leave my blood and soul in tact while I sleep. Shocking as it may be, I am most uneasy around my closest kin: the two Half-Elven humans. I don’t know which is more dangerous, the fair and gentle one who could easily catch either of us off guard with naught but a wink or the shooter. Yes, a shooter. He carries one of those small pieces of machinery which uses what I can only imagine is a small amount of blasting powder to propel metal shrapnel into his target. Funny, it’s only a fraction of the size of a standard crossbow bolt, but I’ve seen it rend plated armor like paper when shot from the pistol.

We found ourselves in the small fishing community known as Trollington, bordered by land with the Fey Forest. I had almost never heard of this area save for the name, so it was surprising for me to hear from the ……<bat?>…. mercenaries that the forest was overrun with undead. I am not at all well versed in the ways of Fey, but I would think that they could easily slay a skeleton or two, it must be something more than skeletons. Our group made its way to the ….(salty sea wench?)…. to look for work. I did not think I would find a lead for my personal endeavors so soon.

A …..(man/woman…. by the name of) …… mentioned the Frozen Pillar within the wood. It was in fact an ancient tower, long ago a home and study to a woman of the magical arts named ……….(Calistria sting me! What was her name??). In the highest room of the tower we would find her study, and would be welcome to our pick of what was found there. This was all I needed to hear. I imagined a library of ancient scrolls and texts… a room of answers.

We took this time to relax, drink, gamble and eat. We knew where we were going and the threat of undead would keep our claim on the tower for at least a day or two. The tougher Half-elven man, Degan I think he said his name was, he said he was going to look for some engineer of sorts to do something about his weapon. The others…… …….. ………..

En route to the tower, I got to know my present company, as I would likely be with their company for some time. I remembered Degan and Tal- Talmanes was his proper name. The Ifrit was named Tre Killing, and he was unexpectedly pleasant to speak with. The temptress goes by the name Ellenoir or Elle for short. I find it difficult to trust anyone with whom the Fey are able to communicate. She steps in stride with a strange beast I am not familiar with, a sort of rat-dog. I’ll be sleeping with one eye open.



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