Sofia is a very old elven druid who resides in a hidden grove found within the Fey Forest. Not much is known about her past so far, save for the fact that she was the druid who in ages past bound Bruta the troll to the walls of The Silver Hole of Endless Wailing, and that at some point in her travels she had found a friend in Apple, the halfling druid.

Sofia had agreed to assist The Party in freeing Bruta toward their search for the troll clan’s treasure, but only after the party performed the task of cleansing her Dryad Friend who had fallen ill. Out of a combination of her appreciation for the favorable outcome for her Dryad friend and her grief felt for Ellenoir (Elle) Windsong‘s loss of her thylacine, Slim, Sofia presented Elle with a handcarved Horn of Summon Nature’s Ally.