It's A Long Way To The Bottom (If You Wanna Hack And Slash)

Recuperating at the Grove

Now would have been the time to escape into an opium-induced mind fog.

1124, E.R. (Elven Reckoning), 18th day of Spring

I took a break from writing these past few days to take full advantage of the hospitality offered here at Sofia’s Grove. I’ve had wands, spells and potions close my wounds, but nothing seems to beat a few days rest. But for all its good, there are still some things a moment’s reprieve from battle cannot undo. It’s been 4 days and Elle and Degan are still resting, shaking and sweating. It appears their bodies fell hook line and sinker for the sweet smoke that they took in a few days earlier. It could be compounded by his run-in with those slave vines, or perhaps Degan just has a lower tolerance for such things, but he seems a little worse for wear when compared to Elle. It is pathetic, they are both like whimpering dogs and neither one can form a complete sentence yet. Sofia says she will prepare what is needed to remove the addiction from them. If it weren’t for Elle’s recent loss, I would suggest keeping them both this way a bit longer to teach them something. There isn’t anything I would do without first accepting (or constructing a plan to circumvent) whatever consequences may result, I feel that philosophy applies here.

By Sofia’s reckoning, which factors in Degan’s recovery from his vine probe, they should be back to their old selves in 3 days.

1124, E.R. (Elven Reckoning), 21st day of Spring



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